‘Time, Talent and Ties’ ~Tapping into the Next Generation of Donors

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06 Nov, 2013
8:45 am - 5:00 pm

About the Masterclass

Creative Partnerships Australia invites you to join U.S. based international expert, Rebecca Trobe, as she shares her global insights and practical tools for enabling the Australian arts and creative industries to tap into the next generation of donors.

Rebecca specialises in multigenerational philanthropy, succession planning, social venture and leadership, and works with philanthropic organisations, families and entrepreneurs to facilitate philanthropic giving.

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from a world-leader. Tickets are strictly limited, so book now.

Now is the time for Australia’s creative sector to tap into the next generation of philanthropists in preparation for 2020, when Australia will see its biggest ever intergenerational wealth transfer.

Next Gen Donors

The next generation of major donors, aged 40 and below, are:

  • ‘Making a difference whilst making a dollar’ – They will be the first generation to spend their most productive career years doing and giving, rather than waiting until they retire
  • Driven by values, not ‘valuables’ – They are motivated by directly seeing the impact of their involvement on a strategic and practical level. They are not motivated by recognition or social requirement
  • Committing their ‘time, talent, treasure and ties’ – They are ‘all in’, and ‘hands-on’.

Who should attend and why

This is an interactive and experiential learning seminar which will include a combination of lecture, peer discussion, exercises, case studies and Q&As.

The Masterclass is aimed at CEOs, general managers, development/philanthropy managers, and marketing managers.

Top 3 take-outs from the Rebecca Trobe Masterclass:

  • Insights on the values, behaviours and motivators of ‘next gen’ donors, and tools to target and build relationships based on these
  • Skills to tap into the philanthropic decision-making process of multigenerational donors
  • Strategies and Tool Kits which are practical, easy to implement and can be shared with your colleagues post-event.

This event will be held from 8:45am – 5:00pm, on Wednesday November 6.


National Dates

This Masterclass will also be held in Brisbane (Friday November 8), Melbourne(Monday November 11); and Perth (Thursday November 14).

This is the first Masterclass of the Creative Partnerships Australia ‘Smart about the Arts’ Masterclass Series, with more expert facilitators scheduled to present in 2014.

Further Information

For further information contact the Creative Partnerships Australia office in your state, or contact Judy Buchan on (03) 9616 0315.

This is the first Masterclass of the Creative Partnerships Australia ‘Smart about the Arts’ Masterclass Series, with more expert facilitators scheduled to present in 2014.

Creative Partnerships Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Cultural Development Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department.

The next generation of major donors wields more philanthropic power than any previous generation. They have the potential to become the most significant philanthropists in history, but require intelligence-based, strategic engagement driven by ‘doing,’ not just dollars.”  ~ Rebecca Trobe

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