• We are a large Australian family, representing five branches of the same tree who are bound together in business. We have a family tradition of holidaying together once every two years to keep up, deepen and strengthen our relationships. This year we travelled with 57 people of a possible 66, representing the five family groups across four generations.

    We had been talking within one of our philanthropic environments, on how to engage the 4th generation so our introduction to Rebecca could not have come at a better time.

    Our objective was to invigorate our grant making and invite contribution of fresh and original ideas and approaches, uniting the family around common values and interests.

    Rebecca helped us explore the what, when and how to include and engage the next generation. We explored our own values and legacy beyond duty and obligation.

    Rebecca followed up with her unique experiential exercises that put structure, tools and strategy into the planning process behind the workshop we would run during our holiday.

    The workshop was a huge success; we implemented the same tools Rebecca ran with us. The exercises were fun, dynamic and insightful. It deepening the bond between the generations, created connection to purpose and the reason for our existence. It was a great way to cultivate openness, respect for others, work in teams and negotiate the decision making process.

    We got so much value from our time with Rebecca, that we have decided to continue and expand on the work we do with her. The impact had a quantum effect, benefiting our giving practice, the business and the family.

    Family Foundation Melbourne Australia
  • Rebecca provided us with the necessary tools to develop and articulate the Mission and Purpose of our Foundation.

    At each meeting she asked thoughtful questions and used props in order to generate a meaningful conversation about what is important to us as a family.

    Following each meeting she assigned "homework" to help us move forward in a timely manner.

    After just a few sessions, Rebecca was very instrumental in helping us synthesize and articulate our final Mission and Purpose of our Foundation.

    We are very grateful to her for that.

    Family Foundation San Francisco Bay Area
  • Rebecca Trobe acted as an advisor to our Family Foundation for approximately six months. In that time, she met both with me, individually, and with our family as a group. She offered important suggestions as to improving the inter-generational communication within the Foundation and increasing the involvement of the younger generation.

    Rebecca is an extremely knowledgeable advisor, having extensive experience both in the for profit and non-profit sectors. Equally important, she is affable and relates well to both older and younger people. I give Rebecca my thanks and a strong recommendation.

    Family Foundation San Francisco, Bay Area
  • Rebecca can really handle a group of people with diverse opinions and needs. She was instrumental in facilitating a major transition in our organization that resulted in exponential growth of our vision and programs. She was able to manage meetings where big decisions needed to be made, and ensure each person felt like they had a stake in the final decision, even when it seemed impossible. She is a master executive performance coach, and has personally provided some of the most important insights in my professional development.

    Philanthropic Leader/Non-profit Senior Executive San Francisco Bay Area
  • Her wonderful blend of professionalism and business savvy mixed with compassion, empathy and humor allowed me to breakthrough from a stuck place I'd been in prior to our sessions, to one of feeling powerful and on purpose with my work. Her ability to softly yet firmly assist me in refocusing when I'd get off on a tangent was stellar. Rebecca was able to assist me in reframing what I'd been doing by asking insightful questions. I appreciate her partnership and would gladly refer her to others wanting to move forward in their businesses and their lives.

    Entrepreneur San Francisco Bay Area
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